What it is that we believe? God is holy and we must be holy! Without holiness, no one will see the Lord. The Methodist movement was originally founded in order to spread scriptural holiness across the land. Inner transformation is a work of the Holy Spirit.  God encourages us and challenges us and gives us a purpose in life that is worth giving everything we have for. There is nothing quite like learning more about God and growing in Him. The righteous shall live by faith! 

All of that is important, but what makes it even better is that we get to learn and grow together as a community of disciples. We are all on the journey of discovering and learning. As we make our way down that road, we do it together. None of us have it all together, none of us have all the answers, but we learn and grow, laugh, and serve together. We care for each other and we seek to bring God's love into a broken world, both nearby and far away.

Our Beliefs

We believe in The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Ayersville Church has voted to dissifilate from the United Methodist Church. 
We have chosen to be an independent church. Our new name is now Ayersville Community Church 


We Believe the whole Bible is the inspired word of God. Marriage is between one man and one women.

God is the creator of heaven and earth. People were created in God's image. Unfortunately, humankind pushed God away. Jesus is the Savior to those who truly believe. His life, death, and resurrection made a way for us to be rescued from the current corrupt and fallen world and to experience new life in Christ. We accept the Apostles' Creed. Through faith and repentance Jesus shows us how to live and love. The Holy Spirit enables us to make a difference in our world and in the lives of others. We believe that grace is the love, honesty, and compassion that God gives and shows us in Jesus. It’s how Jesus saves us, heals us, sets us free, and increases our capacity for love. We believe that we need each other. It's a lot easier to follow God with friends than it is by ourselves.

The Staff

Pastor Jason


More Information coming Soon

Program Directors




Sean and Mandi McConnell





Joyce Cavanaugh



Denise Edmonds 




Rick Edmonds

Tim Nafziger(Finance Secretary)


Administrative Board Chair

John Hoshock







Greg Lime




Brett Booher



Directors of Noodle Crew


Bill and Dolores Rohn



Our Values


We believe that Jesus extends grace to everyone and that we should follow in his steps. Who are we to pass judgment and not extend grace, when we ourselves have sinned. We believe we should love the sinner, not banish them.


We believe that Jesus is central to everything. We believe that prayer is a direct line to God, and that we should speak to Him every chance we get. Worship is our chance to praise God and we take joy in doing so.


We are called to join in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We believe that reaching out to the lost and engaging with them will strengthen our bond with each other through God.


Jesus called us to go out and spread the word of God. We believe that this is not done enough. We make it a priority to go outside of the church walls to reach the lost and broken. We hope that you will join us in doing so.